MTM: Food

MTM stands for Making-Them-Myself! I was thinking of MTMSIDHTBT i.e. Making them myself so I don’t have to buy them, but there are many other reasons why it makes sense to make most things yourself. I am focusing on food in this post, but many of the reasons stated below, they apply to almost everything

#1 You know exactly what goes into it.

This is especially applicable to food. Remember the “Don’t-buy-it-if-you-can’t-pronounce-it” rule? If you make everything yourself, you can say goodbye to the processed section of supermarkets! (Which is still really fun to shop at…)

#2 You save money! So you can spend money on things you cannot achieve yourself. Then again, what can you not achieve?

I am trying to save money now, and eating out/ buying food just means extra expenses.

I am also trying to spend in a way that aligns with my beliefs, which means spending more on local, female and small businesses. These businesses’ products can be more pricey though, so saving elsewhere means spending on them to me, which I think is a great deal.

#3 You learn new skills.

This is pretty awesome. You may not need to state this on your resume, but these are life skills man.

Okay, so I came up with just three reasons, but definitely good enough for me to embark on my quest to MTM!

Another reason for MTM is actually to document and record. I am the kind that gets fired up on recipes, but never ever perfects them enough to repeat them time and again. Whenever I make a new batch of granola, its a new explosion of ingredients. Surprises are great, but it feels good to be someone who is actually in control, like an adult y’know, to have all my recipes online/offline to refer to.

So far I have made mantou! I literally danced when I saw those fluffy things. They were perfect! I have been dying to make them again but one pack of Ezekiel bread = 20 slices so I have too much carbs at home to finish. I will probably make some variations of it next week (Red Bean Pau? Oatmeal Pau? Oh yeah)!

As for yogurt, I am still struggling. Making my second batch tonight and I hope it works! I can’t get my hands on vegan yogurt to use as starter, but I am using plant-based milk to experiment. I will try one batch every week until I succeed.

As for shortbread cookies and granola, I have actually “succeeded” but I would love to tweak my recipes/ techniques to improve them.


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