MTM: Mexican ! Japanese !


It has been pretty hectic but I have definitely stepped up my cooking game. Here’s a list. (All of them are vegan BTW)

  • Mexican Food

Inspired by my meal at Baja Fresh! I wanted to hand-make EVERYTHING so I managed to make my own Flour Tortillas (which came out pretty crispy and delicious), mexican rice (Cumin is my new favourite spice) and Pico De Gallo (what I fell in love with at Baja Fresh and mine was just as addictive!). Pictured are various ways I ate it, because I made A LOT. I still have tortillas in the freezer. I finished up the Pico De Gallo immediately though.

Next to try: Corn Flour Tortillas (made them and failed). Burritos (will require bigger and more flexible tortillas). Quesadillas (waiting for my vegan cheese!!!).

  • Japanese Food

Soba Noodles in Miso soup is just warm comfort. Usually I just dump in random veggies. pictured is one bowl with broccoli and some mock mutton meat (it tastes more like mock meat, which is nice, but not specifically like any meat). It is super easy – 1) Cook Soba Noodles 2) Turn off fire and add in miso paste from Daiso. Yum.

Another new favourite – Creamy Peanut Butter Cream Sauce. I call it cream sauce because it is creamy af. Leftover peanut butter sauce in the jar, stir in some minced garlic, lots of sesame oil and some soy sauce BAM deliciousness. I have two pics of it in there, one with turmeric tofu, edamame and carrots, another with some broccoli, cauliflowers and carrots left over in the fridge by my mom.

I made miso tempeh as well, and had it in EVERYTHING, including some vietnamese spring rolls. But it’s like fusion. So I didn’t include it here. Next time!

  • Korean Food

I know it looks like sushi and the whole world only knows sushi. So let me introduce you to GIMBAP/KIMBAP. I was intrigued by the idea of warm, sesame oil flavoured sushi. I tried it and yea, it was okay. I thought I would love sesame oil flavoured rice, but I think I prefer vinegar actually. This is much easier to pack out though! I added random veggies (think peas) – avocado made it all good though.

  • Vegan Burger

Maybe I could call this American Food. But yea, Vegan burgers! Left over kidney beans with sweet potato and carrots, spiced with my new favourite – Cumin and Turmeric. Made some vegan cilantro mayo and –> VeganBurg/NomVNom experience. The vegan mayo really made it OH YEA. And I found out that the wholemeal burger buns are vegan! So yay because burger buns must be like burger buns. Can’t replace no ezekiel bread for that thing. In fact, I am going to get myself one of these now (made 2 patties wooooooop)!


I really want to make kimchi and okonomiyaki next, but I need to find gochugaru, and okonomiyaki sauce. Good luck to me!




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