Growing up: Accountability

It is quite painful for me to record this, but I’d think that this is an important lesson that I’ve learnt.

Being a part time tuition teacher, I’ve always been rather casual when it comes to collecting payment. This led to a series of misunderstandings with one particular parent, and it ended up with a ‘You don’t have to come anymore.’

My first response was rage, because (1) I landed myself in the mess because I was too nice (2) I did not ask them to pay me the correct amount since I knew it was a misunderstanding (3) The parent insinuated that I was either lying/ trying to up the fees.

However I put myself in the parent’s shoes and realised that it was just a big lesson for the both of us. We communicated via speech, and nothing was recorded. Words were misheard, intentions were misunderstood. What I’ve learnt is that putting down things in black and white is not being overly calculative/ pragmatic, it is accountability and transparency.

I just wished I could continue teaching the kids 😦




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