MTM: Korean, Middle-Eastern and More Mexican


(1) Green Curry using Mekhala’s paste with the last homemade flour tortilla I stashed in the freeze.

(2)Vegetarian curry using Vegetarian Curry Powder, served with red rice.

Curries are awesome ways to pack in veggies – with cauliflowers, cabbage, carrots being some of the best because they soak up so much flavour! Making your own curry = less oil. Using curry powder mixes and curry paste = recognising that you are not a master and leaving it to those who are = win-win situation.


(1) Quinoa Kimchi Fried ‘Rice’

(2) Bibimbap with Avocado, Cucumber, Lettuce and Soya Sprouts

(3) Kimchi Ramen (not pictured)

Korean food is just something I crave all the time. And they are quite easy to prefer. I bought a jar of vegan kimchi, and I can just use it to make Kimchi Ramen (add tofu, some healthy-ish ramen noodles and more cayenne pepper – that is literally it. The flavours are not as complex as compared to those served as restaurants, but it is a great, healthy comfort food fix!) Ditto that for Kimchi Fried Rice/ Quinoa.

As for bibimbap, it is even easier. Chop veggies, spam your gochujang and tada!


(1) Nachos! With avocado, Sheese and Salsa

(2) Tacos with lettuce, Sheese, avocado, carrots and salsa

(3) Enchiladas with Sheese, lettuce and avocado


Yes Mexican to me is basically a tortilla + sheese + veggies + avocado + salsa. Three different ways of presenting the same ingredients. I did learn how to make enchilada sauce, which was pretty cool. I also made the mistake of using English Mustard as sauce for one of my tacos (it was like drinking a cup of Wasabi, not fun and not recommended). My Nachos were baked corn tortillas from Mustafa but I think I’d prefer those ‘legit’ ones which are crispier. And Sheese, yes my new beloved. $8.90 for Vegan Cheese is pricey, but it is so worth it. It melts and is great in burgers and mexican food. I can’t wait to make a pizza with it soon!


(1) Falefel Salad

(2) Falefel Burger

My current repertoire of middle eastern food = Falefels! Mine were not as crispy as I didn’t want to fry them. Nonetheless, they were yummy with cumin and garlic powder mixed in. Added Sheese to the burger so yes it was amazing.

P.S. I should get down to posting non-MTM posts…..



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