The Importance of Nothing Day

You know what’s the best and worst thing about taking a gap year? Scheduling your own time. I’m learning to have a lifestyle dictated by myself and that means a life of paranoia, self-doubt and stress. It boils down to my own personality. Taking a gap year makes me feel like I have a lot to prove, so I often pack it with work – tuition assignments OR writing assignments. Self-imposed deadlines, signing up for more volunteering etc. All good stuff, but I think they contribute to a hectic lifestyle not too good for my sanity.

During June I have less lessons (with my dear K2s/p1s) and found my days to be less packed. Instead of packing them up with writing assignments I decided to fill them up with exercise (currently doing my 30 day workout challenge) and then hmm I realised I still have a bit of time. Other than having 百家讲坛 on 24/7 in the background (bad idea because I often have to replay it because I missed everything), watching cantonese dramas to learn cantonese and my online open course on waste management – I still have time.

That is where variety and spontaneity can come into my life. Yesterday I watched Now You See Me 2 alone, something I’ve never done before. Today I learnt that yoga can be done without a mat. I found time to write up my blogposts, something I often put on the back burner because well, I am not earning money for it.

Gap year life is fluid, just as real life is. My quest for some kind of structure taught me to implement daily activities, but setting apart Nothing Days really gives me the kind of freedom to balance out my commitments.

Looking forward to preparing myself for my two leisure trips (HK and HCM) – and then I’ll take more online open courses, volunteer more, teach more, exercise more, hang out with friends more. Workaholic at heart here, just remind me to slot in Nothing Days.



Random Picture because this blog is so wordy

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