Talking to Strangers #Paywithastory

I believe we all have this part of us which makes us think it’s a good idea to sign up for events like #Paywithastory, the same part which gives us the warm fuzzy feeling when we read about the people who give out food to the migrant workers (and similar, awesome stories). I’m glad I signed up before my rational, conscious self took over (when it did I wanted to use my food poisoning as an excuse, but… I thought I should be less of a pussy).

Since I was really down with food poisoning, the initial part before the conversation remain hazy to me. I entered the bus, collected my Makisan (I thought we wouldn’t get food straightaway) and got ushered to sit around a small table. Then we started saying hi to each other. Strange how I would never do that when eating outside, right?

The topic was freedom, and I was so bad at answering it. And to be honest, I think the topic was just a way to start – the rest of the conversation was just an exercise in stringing together that common humanity in us. Similar experiences, not so similar ones – but all that evoked emotions that one can easily identify with.

Every time I walk away from conversations as awesome as these, whether they were planned, intimate talks with my loved ones or serendipitous ones with strangers, I always wonder what am I missing out on considering the 6 billion people that co-exists with me on the planet?

How often can one pick up the courage to talk to strangers??? I wish I can do it more often hmm.




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